Saturday, September 27, 2008

A force of change

I'm kinda feel disgusted whenever people call me racist. Its kinda the feeling of white Americans who are sensitive to being label racist by the black. In fact I have been fighting racism for my whole life. My primary school was a total different environment for me. I was in fact the only chinese student in the whole malay school. And one of my best primary school friend was an Indian. And I love having my Iban, and Bidayuh friends. Though I do admit that sometime I feel like left out as I'm not native enough for them. I would definitely like to have a life in the village and dip in the cold water falls and chasing after the friends in the jungle. But I'm a city kid who had no affiliation with a rural life. I grew up in a suburb area where there is a good mix off all races in the city.
Maybe because I'm used to having parents who had best friends of native and malay background. I feel that my life way very diverse. I still like my malay teachers in primary school who taught me with love and discipline. The only thing is I'm a confused chinese who lose its chinese culture and background. I have no idea about chinese culture and practices which seems ridiculous at times. But what I have is the core cinese value of "KIA SU" or the spirit of afraid to lose or only know winning whether by hook or crook.

So It's my initiative to change Malaysia by breaking the norm of culture and make bridges to bring all the different races together by doing good for all. What I meant here is to give a cheerful smile to others, and help out when I can so that people from other races will start to accept that there is good in everyone irrespective of their race and religion.

Well, who says life is all cruel, and people are bitter. We'll prove them wrong. Its a la Sarawak style. No barriers to make friends from different races and background. We're all youth who are eager to know each other and have some quality time playing games, travel, watch movie, catch a football match, and other recreational activities.

So those who read this should take heed by thinking of a way where you can help others. Give your sit to a pregnant lady or old folks and help tourist by giving advise and direction. All we need to do is to make each others life a better one. whats more its the best way to start our day great by making others excellent!

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