Thursday, October 2, 2008

V for Vendeta

Well I just watch the movie V for Vendeta last nite coz its so damn boring rite now durin the raya hols.
Well, for once I would think that the guys must be some psycho lunatic person to plan such things as blowing up the symbol of UK's government...

After watching it, I think I kinda like the guy for his fight
I mean realistically, we need a guy like that to bring down our government, though I dun agree with his terrorist style. But he definitely is similar to someone we all know our Prime Minister in waiting, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

First , they both set a date to bring down the government.
V set it on Nov 5 to bring down the gov in a year....
well DSAI set Sep 16 to bring down the Malaysian gov

Second, both fighting for a good cause to bring back democracy and justice to the people
V fought against the Chancellor who was crazy enough to release air borne virus in the St Mary school where it killed 80 k people.
DSAI fought against the gov who misuse ISA, Sedition Act, Murder (mongolian), Sex (His allege Sodomy case) and against communal or Racial politics.

3rd Both men have been tortured and suffered under the cruel gov
V was an experimental guinea pig which ruined his life
DSAI was a imprison for 6 years and set up by the government for a crime he did not commit

4th both uses people power to topple the governement
V managed to mustered the courage of all Londoners to wear his mask and stage protest
DSIA managed to staged quite a number of rally and protest but the gov still do not want to give in

5th Both men are optimistic
V managed to topple the gov a lone albeit facing the toughest challenge
DSIA is optimistic that he has enough number of MP to form the new fed gov

6th both men took ten years to plan their comeback
V cleared the underground train tunnel to the parliament to plan for the bombing
DSIA was imprison 6 years and managed to stage a comeback this year after tens age when he was first imprison. He won the Permatang Pauh election with more majority albeit millions of taxpayer money used by gov to campaign against him. (By the way the millions spend on banner by gov was made in thai or china and the leaflets too. Plus paying for all the UMNO people staying in five star or lower star hotel and food in Penang)

Well just to conclude, are we willing to wait for the next Sep 16 for DSIA to overthrown the GOV?
According to V it is this moment of fighting against constant repression by the current gov that people feel that sth is very wrong with this country.
1. ISA can be used to capture any one.
2.Election is filled with unjust and corrupted practices esp in swk and sabah. the gov party give RM50 to RM100 to those in rural area to vote for them. but they can't fool folks in City area like Bandar Kch and KK. (DAP stronghold)
3. NEP is abused to prosper the cronies of UMNO. ie AP, scholarships, bank loans, cheaper housing, contracts and others....
4. The gov parties like UMNO, MCA ans MIC always use racial slurs to gain vote. People are sick with it. Democracy is about different group of people fighting for different course such as Republican vs Democrats (US), Socialist vs Liberal, AND NOT suppose to be Malay vs Chinese vs Indian (in Malaysia) what a stupid idea. Breeding a racist gov

Its time for you to decide... Do You think that our country is heading in the wrong direction?

And if u agree that we are, are you ready to battle it out in the street when DSIA stage a coup to overthrown the gov?
We may not be wearing the mask that V sent out to everyone though....
This one year time is gonna be a long wait....
But each day give us hope that that day is coming soon and when it comes it will overwhelm us and swallow us alive like tsunami and vomit out a new country with people united as one Malaysian....

No way, No more, No racial politics (UMNO, MCA and MIC)(Hillary Clinton will proclaim)

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