Thursday, October 2, 2008

US Presidential Election

Well, I have been following the US Presidential Election online for quite sometime already

My first choice for the early primaries is Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Well I like her because I actually supports the Clinton name. I mean it is during those times that America really was booming. Now that America is near recession, I think there is no one else more suitable to be President than her

Well the first time I read about her was about how brave she is to face the Bill Clinton and Lewensky controversies where her husband had an affair with the intern.
It must have been the most embarrassing moment in her life that she has to talk in news conference where she will continue to support her man no matter what. That is a true loyal wife till death do us apart kinda person and nothing more a great man like President Clinton could ever have. She stood by her man through all that trial. Could you imagine what it feels like to tell everyone that u are not sexually attractive enough for your man. Its like a rose that gone bad.... and being trampled on...

The second reason why I prefer her is through her records of years in senate. She was a tough nut to crack. She had her own values that she held on tight to. And it is definitely tough to fight in the senate in an all man's game arena. She must have been strong and tough man.
And I feel that she is more closer to the blue collar group through her stance in helping to lower the fuel price and increase renewable energy like nuclear. She is really a serious senator who is working around the clock.

Though many do not agree with her voting for the War, but I understand her situation at that time. She is a senator from NY where the World trade center was bombarded. At that point she only have an option of whether to launch the war against terrorism in order to ensure the security of US in the future or vote not to attack and sent the message to the terrorist that US will not retaliate their attack which could be very dangerous coz it will make the enemy more brave to launch more attack in US soil. So people should really thank her for her vote. If not there could have been more attack.

Actually she is more likely to win the presidential race as she has won more swing state than Obama. She won Texas, Ohio, Florida, Missouri, NY, and many others which are really battle ground state. And most of her supporter are the Democrat loyalist. which is important than the new voter that obama manages to get. Those voter of Obama are kinda sentimental voter. They may not support Democrats in the future.
She won Texas and Ohio although Obama outspend her in campaign. It shows that people really prefer the Clinton ticket that has created 23 million job during President Clinton's time.

Plus her win would be a win for all women out there that there is nothing that women can't do.

I prefer her sincere kinda style compared to Obama's which are kinda good as he's a good orator, but his record prove him otherwise. We can't have a President who can't decide in many big issue in the senate or in his own state of Illinois. Plus his win of the the primaries are centered in those small states that will not count much in the Presidential election.

Now I'm for Mc Cain and Palin ticket....
Coz I can't sense that Mc Cain is really about service for the country first kinda guy. And he is a maverick that is always voting for what he feels is right rather than tagging along the party line. This person is sincere to serve the people and not for the bling bling kinda attention Obama is getting.

Plus he's first debate with Obama shows that he is of President material than Obama. He knows how the system runs and he knows how to take it down. I like his idea of cutting the tax coz if US is not competitive enough for companies to operate, people will lose their job. He is more economically sound than Obama. He has brought a few senator down for misuse and others which is to show that he is a man who would do what he thinks is right for US no matter what everyone else says.

His proposal is better than Obama's one which is driving job out at high taxes and try to create new job. That way people may lose both way if not enough new job is created to replace those that were shifting to overseas.

Plus Obama's voting record shows that he is an indecisive person. He voted not to vote in most laws. US gonna be like a country that is deaf and dumb to the world coz he's stand there being beaten by others and still decide that he will not do anything. That is really a jack ass. Its like having a senile man wondering what is happening when he is being attacked.

Ohya by the way, he's already shown his senile side when he said Mc Cain is right for eight times in the first debate which is to show that he will be a good poodle to others in international scene when negotiating deals where he will say that Putin is right, Angela is right, Taro Aso is right, Wen Jia Bao is right, and maybe Ahmad is right.
Are Americans ready for a long roller coaster ride when Obama is President. U better think again. Obama is gonna make US a laughing stalk to others coz he's gonna give into everyone coz he has no stand in anything. Even if he has, those are his advisers stand. Not his. He has no principle to guide him if another attack on US soil occur.
He'll say, no we will not retaliate.
When jobs got shifted overseas, he'll say we'll raise tax up to increase more revenue.
And all the companies will immediately shift outside of US.
Prepare for a gloomy days ahead.
China will definitely be superpower by the end of President Obama rule coz all the job will be in China and he will say,
yes China is right about that.
that is definitely the change American can't wait to have if President Obama is elected.

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