Monday, November 24, 2008

chicken pox

The past two weeks has been one of the toughest time ever in my entire life. Seriously, I have been through tough situation but this tops it all.
Its none other than having your whole life nightmare coming knocking at your door at once. The previous nightmare was when I was at swinburne. I was having a high fever during my exam week. I remembered that I slept on the bed the whole day but got better after an injection for fever. And I managed to get pretty good grade that I never reach until today. It's like miracle how I managed to come out from that a victor.

Well, this time, I got chicken pox which is really something I never wanted to have since young. Yeah I know that this sounds pathetic. I'm kinda like a big baby who never get a baby disease. Though its a bit too late at 20 to get it.

It gave me the most terrible nightmare that one could ever imagine. I had constant headache for few days. Felt like my head gonna explode anytime with big lumps growing on the back of my head. Lying down on my bed like a dead corpse. waking up for few minutes just to take my medicine. there weren't any difference between day and night.

And it was kinda one of those odd moment in my life where I have to strip down my pants in front a doc to get injection each day. Its really odd to have someone who you don't know to be touching your ass and worse pinching it to find your muscle. Now I felt like I'm hooker. But at that time I don't mind what I have to do as long as the pain can be taken away. I'll strip naked if I had had to get the injection. Its really bad that you feel like suicide. Actually I don't really feel anything, but I'm more concern with the doc coz she's a muslim. So I'm not sure whether its ok with her. but anywhere, we got to act professional I guess when it comes to treating your patient. Anywhere, she's more like a caring mother who tends to her young one. And I'm very thankful to her for that.

At first, I was thinking like I should skip all my test by asking for mc from the doc. but then she dropped the bomb. she say she'll arrange for a quarantine exam for me. yeah I had to sit for all my paper. But eventually I skip prob n stat coz the pain was really unbearable. And I don't really think that I did a good job with the other papers coz I didn't really focus and study for it.

taking panadol is like taking candy. two pill for every six hours. I took more than 2o pills during that period. Its like an addiction. I must take it to stop the headache.

and the worse part is, I think I gained weight. well, everyone would think that one would lose weight if sick. but after having normal diet each day with less than 30 minutes of movement per day. I figured that I must be gaining weight because of that.

And now, I'm more convince that I'm an ugly beast with all the scar on my whole body including my face. everyone should be avoiding me soon. I'm a scary monster with red spots all around my body. Well now, you know me. I'll be a monk for life......No doubt in that...(just kidding)

Well, I would really thanks my frens at the church and also ex course mates. Yoke mun, Chang hua and philip and other who helped me during this time. Without the coconut that yoke mun bought I might not recover as fast as this. so really owe you a big one. also thanks to my roomate, arun for being helpful all this while.... really owe you too.

well just an advice. If anyone got chicken pox, please buy coconut and start drinking the water asap if you wanna recover fast. Its kinda odd that western medication can't solve this problem.

also my mum and frens back in kch who were praying for my recovery, thanks a lot guys.
I had to postpone my flight for a week because of this.

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