Monday, November 24, 2008

education system

Do you believe in the education system? You know its kinda de javu when u hear people saying that you got to go to college and get a degree and get a job and start earning big bucks and start a family. Well all our parents or a elders has been saying this for ages. Its seems like a cinderella world where everything goes as planned and smooth without any hiccups along the way.

Well, I believe in it when I was young. I have to believe in it because I'm also part of it. well, I'm in college right now. And try to get a degree that should be guaranteeing me a good future.

but everything around us seems so bleak and uncertain these days. Yeah, I kinda doubt whether this whole education system thing will actually be the answer to lift us up from the poverty line.

for the record, there are more than 10 millions plus people in US who are jobless and more jobs are going up in the air as you are reading this. Its seems like the perfect ending story suddenly change and give us a slap on the face to land us on reality land. Yeah, new graduate are not getting hired. Whats the big deal about having a degree? there are thousands out there who have it and have very impressive records who are still jobless.

I for one pity the seniors who are graduating in this two years. Its gonna be a very tough environment. Start with a very low pay that can just let you have each meal and pay for rent, food and transport. Others are more worst off. they won't even be getting a job. most probably staying back at home with our parents is a better option than moving out.

How about all those wall street professionals who are losing their job? Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearn will be part of this history forever. thousands are losing job in New York and London. What are they going to feed their family? How are they going to send their kids to college? how are they going to pay their housing loan and car loans?

factory across the world is closing down due to low demand. most workers will be asked to take voluntary leave and be more productive at home. its lucky if the factory is not closing down. well thailand, china vietnam and singapore is really in trouble. more than 10 k factory were reportedly closed in china alone. sending thousands jobless and homeless. Soon there will be a hunger strike as the so called champion of socialist communist policy in China doesn't seem to work after all. So does democracy that was tainted with corruption and hunger for more power that kills the system it self like thailand. so what's the best policy?

well, we'll most probably wait for Obama to solve that. people are expecting miracle and magic from him that he is running out of magic powder. He's going back to the old clinton administration after all his talk of change. well, what a relieve that america will change back to the old administration...

Well, I'm lucky because I'm going to graduate in two and half years time. At least by then, the economy will be better off than now. But I still can't fathom why do we have to pay so much for college that all we are actually receiving are crappy lecturers who are boring and there to make our life difficult. Well, college life isn't as easy as everyone are telling us.

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Very good. You wake up your mind early than most Students.