Monday, January 4, 2010


This week I have been having severe diarrhea and the growth of a wisdom tooth. I must admit that I have been converted into a toilet fan as of late. Having diarrhea is much worse than a nature call. I guess God really answered my prayer for a fit body shape. It is like a punishment for me because of binge eating and partying over the Christmas and New Year countdown. It is suppose to drain off the extra pounds that I have gained over the holidays. Maybe, I should start to sign up for a gym class and having a proper body building protein diet. Over the past month I have been taking in too much food than I have consumed on average over the past few years.

I have discovered that I'm prefer more Western food than Chinese food. I must really congratulate the Chinese people in KL for coming up with a lot of creative food that I would not even ever imagine to have in my whole life. Above that, I have to say that the main reason why I prefer the familiar food is I do not have to suffer shocking taste bud culture. The Chinese food here is too salty with soya sauce. Everything is cooked with soya sauce. I definitely have not taken so much soya sauce ever in my whole life as compared to now. I have even come to a conclusion to ban all Chinese food. Plus I'm sick of rice and noodles. Seriously why Asian like to eat so much of rice and noodles?

The growth of a wisdom tooth signals another mile stone in my life. A transition from being a student to a working adult as an intern for eight months. It is really a change from the old conundrum of the quiet lecture room of an old sulky professor from some middle east country trying to speak English with thick Arabic accent. WTF, I don't understand a single shit of English he is trying to say. Same goes to Indian lecturer with thick Indian accent. Sorry I'm not trying to be racist, but please improve your English before start being a lecturer. It is an insult to my ear to hear broken English being spoken in lecture classes. I will sound rude if I were to correct your English, so better do something about it.


khooiyee said...

God DAMN you! just saw you eating Chinese food @ wangsamaju yesterday. Fly or roll back to your England then stuffing your mouth with banana la.

Chinese food not nice? WTH? You growing up with that la damn

Barney said...

Charles, come follow me back to your motherland lar =D