Monday, January 25, 2010

putting faith above all else

one lesson that I have learnt at City Harvest Church KL that really changes my perspective is put our faith above all else. Its like whenever we face problems and challenges, we always plan and do things that we may regret later. We think that we can solve it by ourself. God only exist on Sunday service and on other days, we are on our own. Well that perception of mine had changed.

I have learnt that whenever we face any challeges, first of all, pray to God to help you to solve it. When we pray to God and ask that what ever that we do let it be done according to God's will and plan that He has for us. Sometimes, we find new ideas or ways to solve the problem. At other times, we find the courage and energy to carry on and solve the problem. I had had a very heavy burden for the past few months.

I was kinda afraid to face it rather than hell. But after I prayed, I just had the urge and strength to face it once and for all. I know that what ever outcome it is, it will be done according to God's will. As such, I totally surrender to God to solve it for me. I just sow the seed, but He will ensure that the seed grows or not. And I find an inner peace in it, that I do not have to worry that things will gone awry because I know that whatever happen it happen according to God's will. For if God is for us, who will go against us.

Now I just turn to Yahweh, whenever I have any issues. For I know He will help me. Amen

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