Wednesday, September 2, 2009


What is national independence? It is the cow head protest in shah alam or the biased police and MACC? Neither any of these events reflect independence. It is just cynical to watch idiot politicians giving out their bigotry and childish press statement. It is even worse than the Bill Cosby’s show “Kid Say the Darnest Things”. It is really appalling to have such morons as our minister. 
I just grow up and realize that the promises of politician especially from BN are really just lip services like those hookers trying to solicit customers. Worst still, they are even willing to sell off their body and mind. These are unprincipled people who just go around and make whimsical remarks as they go like some mental institution patient. With the current rate of how things are in Malaysia especially the most corrupt, racist, intolerant, conservative, and anarchic rule by BN, people’s human rights are being violated and the constant threat of sending Chinese and Indian descendent citizens back is just making everyone sick and tired the current state of affair. 
A warning to BN, you have live beyond your shelf life span and you are gonna be thrown out of office by next election. I for one will never vote for BN ever in my life. After going through the corrupted government affairs, I have harden my heart to vote against BN. I prefer DAP not because they are Chinese people. I never support racial based fundamentals. But I like their Ideology of governing the country. The democrats are ruling all over the world. And soon DAP will rule Malaysia. The lost of Japanese LDP to DPJ this week is a reminder of what is to come. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, Germany, and India had shown example of how it will be for a corrupted government.
Democrats are ruling Japan, US, India and Indonesia. It will soon be the case for Malaysia as well. Hopefully once in power, the new governments will make new regulations that will ease the cost of living of all Malaysian irrespective of their race and religion. If the government needs to give money to poor people mostly Malay people, so be it. Help those who need help but not the rich God father s in UMNO with mansion of millions of dollar worth, and omega watches or coats of thousands of dollar that are being stolen from national funds. These people must be sent to imprisonment for swindling and corrupt practices. Justice and love is what all Malaysian hope and wish for this year. Let justice prevail and let the government prosper and shower the poor people with love in terms of better education, housing, living support, job opportunity and personal advancement.  

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